My still life paintings are very traditional, as I make them mostly for enjoyment and as a teaching tool.  The figurative work below is more descriptive of my style.  There are three distinctive processes displayed here: direct painting, grisaille with glazing, and direct painting with glazing.


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Lately, I have been trying to challenge myself.  Because my still life paintings are quite labor  and time intensive, I decided to limit myself to thirty minutes.  Each of these paintings were made in thirty-five minutes or less.  These paintings were made, at the time,  without the student knowing.  As they were constantly moving, the finished products are quite gestural and loose.  Plus, they were a blast to make!  It might be of interest that these paintings are made on supports (canvas or hardboard) left behind by former students, thus elements of the student's painting were integrated into my painting.  For instance, in the painting on the far left, the large, red, circular shape and its background were from the original student painting.


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