"Eye of Newt"

A ten-inch f4.7 Newtonian by Mac & Maggie McAvoy

Click on the thumbnails below for  information on the making of this instrument.  These documents are not meant to be a step-by-step guide, simply notes on the unique aspects and small details of it's design.  I have created this page to try and give something back to the web community of amateur telescope makers who helped me in my hour of need.


This is a typical concrete-form-tube telescope but with some unique features.  I opted for an equatorial mount so that I could lock the declination axis once the desired object was found.  It's a bit more work than a Dob but I figured I need the exercise anyway :-)  This instrument breaks down into five pieces: the OTA, the cradle, the counterweight, and finally the polar axis and A-frame.


Spider Construction The Tube and Mirror Cell Portable Mount
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