Storage and transport

Since the scope breaks into five main pieces (not including eyepieces, etc.), some sort of transportation device was necessary.  I wanted something that could store all five pieces and be wheeled into my pickup at a moment's notice.  Thus the "hotdog cart"  (as it has since become known)  was born.  It's constructed from 1/2" MDF and melamine, is divided into separate compartments, and is weatherproof (in theory anyway).  I was careful to distribute the loaded weight so that lifting from the wheelbarrow handles wouldn't be a strain.

Update: Wheeling this into the back of the pickup "at a moment's notice" isn't a very accurate statement.  The weight of the scope and the cart together requires the use of a winch and ramps.  Still, it's worth the extra protection when heading down the highway to a dark sky site.  Also, it makes a wonderful countertop when in the field.



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