The Classics

In this, my most recent series of sculpture, classic literature is the inspiration and the common theme.  Thus far, all the pieces are of the Horror or Science Fiction genres.  This was not necessarily my intent but I have come to realize just how prophetic many of these literary works were.  I do, however, plan to branch out into other genres.  These sculptures represent modern, and sometimes disturbing, interpretations of their namesakes.  


Frankenstein - An Inhuman Genome

Frontal_resized.jpg (47587 bytes)

Award of Merit, 48th Annual Paris Fall Art Show, Paris Illinois

Jo Ann Forbes Award of Merit, 58th Annual Wabash Valley Juried Exhibition, Terre Haute, Indiana

Mixed Media


The Time Machine: Albert in a Bell Jar

The_Time_Machine_b_resized.jpg (38296 bytes)

Award of Excellence: The American Juried Art Salon

This piece was exhibited under one of Alexander Calder's hanging Mobiles in a show called "re-action" in Solomons Maryland

Mixed media with resurrected clock parts and brass; 72x19x19"



The War of the World: Big Boys and Their Tinker Toys

War_of_the_World.jpg (103260 bytes)

Shown in Chicago and New York City



The Invisible Man: A Self-Portrait Progressing


iRobot: Prick me, do I not bleed?

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Judson University Solo Exhibition

January 2023 - April 2023




Other pieces in the series which are in the design stage:


The Bride of Frankenstein

Island of Lost Souls

The Picture of Dorian Gray

...and many others...