Frankenstein - An Inhuman Genome

Mixed media with Walnut, Poplar, and artist-bound book, 59X24X20"


This piece, inspired by the Mary Shelley novel, comments on the ethical questions underlying cloning technology.  Since the completion of the Human Genome Project researchers have cloned a sheep, harvested stem cells, and even grown replacement human organs.  This piece speaks of technological advances and how they are often a "double edged sword".  If Shelley were writing her novel today, would the mad Doctor Frankenstein rob graves or would he start at the cellular level?




Notice that the cover has been cut and sewn back up (above right), another reference to the silver screen.

The book contains around one thousand pages of the letters: A, T, C, & G;  the four chemicals that make up DNA, Adenine, Thiamine, Cytosine and Guanine. The bookmark is labeled with these four chemicals as well.   The stand was constructed from both walnut and poplar, a reference to the "stolen body parts" of the silver screen monster.





My first attempt at Ball and Claw feet


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