The Invisible Man: A Self Portrait Progressing

* first installment *

Oak light-boxes, X-Rays, animated MRI's, Echocardiogram, flat screen monitor, digital picture fame



* Second installment - first exhibition of The Classics at Barnes & Noble *


This piece was inspired by the story The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells but was first conceived during a visit to the doctor.  After waiting for over two hours in the waiting room I was granted six minutes with the doctor, during which time he never once made eye-contact with me.  I thought to myself  "Wow, I was completely invisible to him.  I'm the Invisible Man!"

This sculpture has many subtle layers of meaning.  It speaks of my "person", the essence of who I am,  that other people never see.  It speaks of human beings being invisible to doctors, insurance companies, and other policy makers. But mostly it speaks of being driven mad by our bodiesí frailties, a parallel to the main character in the H.G. Wells novel that was driven mad by his condition (even if it was a self-imposed condition).

This particular piece of sculpture will be updated, as my body deteriorates with age, until the day of my death (which hopefully wonít be for some time).

I would like to note here that I have the greatest respect for most doctors.  Were it not for one doctor in particular, I would not be alive today.

Below is an abbreviated movie of the piece installed.  The entire animation lasts almost ten minutes and will grow in length as the piece progresses.







Concept drawing


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